Racking Repairs

As part of our comprehensive set of services we offer racking repairs. These can be repairs identified by yourself or they may be racking repairs that have been identified as part of the Rack Safety Inspection Service that is provided by Spacewise Solutions.

Some racking repairs are more substantial than others. With this in mind we’re pleased to say that even the most severe rack damage may be repiarable using the revolutionary ROS Racking Repair System. The ROS Racking Repair System was developed initially by IKEA in conjunction with a local engineer who helped them find a more efficient way of replacing damaged racks by repairing them rather than installing replacements.

The racking repair system

The ROS Racking Reapir System is a hydraulic tool that reforms damaged racking uprights back to their original shape and strength – with the beauty being that you can leave the racks fully loaded whilst the repair takes place.

Before and after image of damaged rack upright

Be over 200% more productive!

The ROS system increases speed of repair, on average you can repair 25 damaged uprights per day as opposed to replacing 8 within the same time.

Other benefits

  • Certified to BS EN 15635
  • Our repair process is certified to the relevant British and European
  • Adherence to the stringent quality standards enforced by our
  • Fully insured and repairs come with a lifetime guarantee
  • Your racking can remain loaded whilst the repairs are carried out
  • No  need to wait for replacement racks and materials
Step 1...

Step 1…

Our expert technicians carry out an initial inspection of the damaged upright.
This is to ensure that the level of damage to the upright adheres to the the stringent parameters governing the use of the ROS , upright repair system.


Step 2...

Step 2…

The system’s precision-engineered die is then applied to the damaged upright and hydraulic pressure is applied. The repair process works ensures the correct re-profiling of the front face,
side walls and corners.

Racking repair tools being used

Step 3...

Step 3…

Once the repair is completed, the hydraulic pressure is
released and the die is removed. The repaired upright is then revealed, having recovered its original shape with no reduction in form or strength.

Image shows fixed rack upright


DEKRA Certification GmbH, Worldwide HQ, Stuttgart, Germany
“Our trials found that the ability of the racking to withstand the
required loads remained uncompromised after repairs had been
made using the ROS process”
“The ROS racking repair process is granted certification to
EN 15635 – The Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment”
Dr Walter Steffen
DEKRA Certification GmbH

The Dr Möll Institute of Engineering
The Dr Möll Institute of Engineering, Darmstadt, Germany
“no reduction of the load bearing capacity could be observed”
Dr P Stangenberg & Dr J Anders
The Dr Möll Institute of Engineering

Bayer Group
Bayer Technology Services, Leverkusen, Germany
“providing the repairs are limited to a maximum of three times,
there are no indications of material fractures or weakness whatsoever”
Professor Eckstein
Bayer Technology Services

TNO Environment and Geosciences, Holland
“the ROS method did not result in any noticeable loss of load
bearing capacity”
Dr P.E. de Winter
TNO Environment & Geosciences

Image shows logos of organisations that have issues accreditations for the ROS process. These are DEKRA, Bayer, Oxford Brookes, The Dr Möll Institute of Engineering