Our Services

From health and safety to flow management, design to fit out, storage to delivery; Spacewise Solutions  Consultancy service can offer your business an expert, external perspective.

We listen, we give our considered opinion and very importantly we can, if required, implement our recommendations.  All of our consultants have extensive hands on commercial experience. We live your project with as much conviction as you would. 

Spacewise Solutions prides itself on its Project Management abilities. A core team of experts can provide innovative support throughout the various Project stages.

From the earliest ideas of a business need, Spacewise Solutions experts are able to work with clients to turn these ideas into reality and produce practical, workable designs.

Beyond initial conceptions, Spacewise Solutions designers will continue to develop solutions whilst ensuring the following areas are addressed.

As each project becomes reality, Spacewise Solutions project managers provide the detailed planning to ensure its  successful outcome including:

        • Site surveying
        • Trade group co-ordination
        • Construction Design and Management (CDM) detailed liaisons
        • Local Authority legislation
        • Detailed proposal preparation

Throughout the implementation of a contract, Spacewise Solutions contract managers ensure day to day project control. On larger or more complex projects full-time attendance of site managers enables Spacewise Solutions to provide:

          • Procurement of materials, labour and plant
          • Full client / contractor liaison
          • Detailed task management
          • Regular site meetings
          • Real-time programme control
          • CDM & Health and Safety implementation and management

Upon the completion of the project Spacewise Solutions will compile all the necessary files required by legislation and present the end user with a complete set of O&M (Operations and Maintenance) manuals for all relevant elements of the installation.

Throughout the entire process, from conception to completion, Spacewise Solutions maintains a close working relationship with its clients ensuring it is able to respond to all of their requirements on a day-to-day basis.